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  • "Just - thank you so much. It’s inspiring to listen; it’s empowering to be listened to."

    Primary Leadership member


  • "I have loved hearing the passion that each speaker showed. I originally came because I saw Alison Peacock's name and wanted to hear her speak. I have enjoyed ever single speaker's contribution, as well as Alison's"

    Gill Westbrook

    Headteacher, Bishop Winnington-Ingram CofE Primary School

  • "To have eminent and inspirational speakers across the wide range of curriculum has been excellent. I will take time to reflect on 'actions' I identified over the course of days for my school. Lots!"

    Nicola Coupe

    Executive Principal, Burbage Primary School

  • "I have reflected seriously about how much talent I have in my school re subject expertise and realise that with an injection from another school's subject specialist I could develop my own."

    Mary Bickerstaff

    Headteacher, Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School

  • "I feel rejuvenated and my beliefs have been reaffirmed. I can go back to school with enthusiasm instead of dread."

    Gill Westbrook

    Headteacher, Bishop Winnington-Ingram CofE Primary School

  • "It has made me realise how important it is to look at the staff who have subject leadership roles. Are we playing to our strengths? Do members of staff have 'hidden' expertise that we are unaware of. It has made me realise that teachers' passion and enthusiasm needs to be the drive for subject development and enrichment."

    Cathy Hales

    Assistant Headteacher, Histon and Impington Infant School

  • "It has given me time and opportunities to talk to others about subject teaching so that I encourage staff to make more explicit the subject teaching. Also to build up more specialist teaching opportunities across the school and wider trust."

    Nicola Coupe

    Executive Principal, Burbage Primary School

  • "Primary headship MUST unlock passion and inspiration with subject teaching in order to be contagious"

    Jon Bishop

    Headteacher, Brady Primary School

  • "It has exposed me to colleagues and subject experts, who, despite all the pressures of leadership that dominate our daily workloads, still care passionately about teaching and providing rich, exciting and stimulating experiences for our children. That is why I came to the profession and it is wonderful to know these principles are alive and well."

    Ian Doswell

    Primary School Head, Ark Academy