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Schools Leadership Programme

For secondary school leaders

Our Schools Leadership Programme is a peer network for secondary school headteachers and their senior leadership teams to share and benefit from each other's experience and research.

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Schools Leadership Residential

An introductory course to explore strategies and have your thinking challenged.

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Schools Programme

For subject leaders

Our Schools Programme is a subject-based peer network for subject leaders keen to reawaken their love of teaching, develop a strong department and improve results.

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Subject Enrichment Residentials

Introductory courses to deepen subject knowledge and enhance teaching.

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CPD Subject Days

For all teachers

Focused around important topics, our one-day courses refresh teachers' subject knowledge and enthuse them with inspirational ideas and resources to take back to school.

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Subjects offered

Art, English, Geography, History, Maths, MFL, Music and Science

New Teacher Subject Days

For new teachers

Condensing a lifetime’s teaching experience into four Saturday sessions, our New Teacher Subject Days enhance confidence, boost subject knowledge and develop teaching technique.

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Recommended for those in their first few years of teaching.

Primary Leadership Programme

For primary school leaders

Our Primary Leadership Programme is a community for primary headteachers to debate current issues in education and conduct research for the benefit of the network.

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Primary Leadership Residential

An inspiring introduction to the Primary Leadership Programme

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Online courses

For all teachers

Connect with teachers across the country to experience our most inspiring lectures, discuss and exchange ideas, all under the guidance of our passionate, experienced teacher leaders.

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Listen to lectures at your own pace; connect to after-school workshops

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