About us

The key to excellent education is exceptional teaching

We believe that passionate, motivated teachers are the key to making education excellent.

We are committed to making high quality, rigorous and enjoyable education available to every child, regardless of their background or ability.

  • About the PTI
  • Enhance subject knowledge
  • Share best practice
  • Promote the role of the teacher
  • Engage students in subjects

Our reach 2021

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State secondary schools in England and Wales

School departments working to increase the challenge of their work

Teachers engaged in PTI activity

• 3848 teachers attended a PTI event in 2019/20

• We worked with 911 schools in 2019/20

Students benefitting from improved education standards

100% of headteachers say that their membership has increased the focus on teaching and learning in their school

99% of teachers thought the PTI virtual Subject Leadership Days 2020 were valuable

Our principles

  • Subject passion and expertise are essential requirements for effective teaching
  • Assessment should be designed in such a way as to encourage and enhance good teaching - exams should never curtail learning
  • Teachers are the key to enhancing opportunities for young people, and their role in society should be promoted

How we work

Extending and enthusing pupils through subject based activities that are beyond the curriculum

Supporting teachers to develop, explore and share their own specialist subject knowledge

Encouraging schools to promote coherence and a quality of challenge within the curriculum

Raising the profile of subjects within education