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We are incredibly grateful to all our supporters and funders, including a number of anonymous donors, without whom we would not be able to raise teaching standards across England and Wales.

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Why I support the PTI

Anthony Frieze

"I have been an active supporter of the PTI for almost 10 years now and seen it grow, flourish and extend its reach to hundreds of thousands of secondary school pupils. The key appeal for me is the PTI's unerring focus on tracking the effect of participation in its programmes by schools and the outcomes in terms of improved subject engagement and challenge at the departmental level and, of course, that of pupils. There is a constant, relentless emphasis within the organisation on refining the metrics on feedback, attitudes to learning and raised expectations from the point at which the PTI first engages. As one of our biggest individual donors commented to me early on: this is an organisation focussed on hard, measurable outcomes.”

Our Patrons

Chairman's Circle

  • Mr and Mrs Keith Breslauer
  • Mr Alan Howard
  • The Hintze Family Charitable Foundation
  • Sir Harvey and Lady McGrath

Investors' Club

  • Mr Ian Armitage and Miss Johanna Cunningham
  • Mr and Mrs Michael Daffey
  • Dr Costas and Dr Evi Kaplanis
  • The Wigoder Family Foundation

Diamond Patrons

  • Tavis and Ksenia Cannell
  • The Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust
  • Oliver and Pia Corlette
  • The Exilarch's Foundation
  • Mr Doug and Mrs Lynn Fordham
  • Alys and Jim Garman
  • The Mikheev Charitable Trust
  • The Roden Family Foundation
  • Mr and Mrs Van J. Stults

Gold Patrons

  • Mr and Mrs Eric Assimakopoulos
  • Mr and Mrs Ian Carton
  • Mr and Mrs Michael Cochran
  • Mr Daniel and Mrs Melissa Cukierman
  • The Mark Denning Trust
  • Mr and Mrs Jeffrey Dishner
  • Mr and Mrs Harry Fitzalan Howard
  • Mr Michael and Mrs Lika Gagel
  • Mr and Mrs Saul Goldstein
  • The Maurice Hatter Foundation
  • Mr and Mrs Scott O'Donnell
  • The Lucinda and Edward Siskind Family Fund
  • Ina De and James Spicer
  • Christoph and Pamela Stanger
  • Mr Peter and Mrs Gersende Stoll
  • Mr and Mrs Romie Tager QC
  • The TVML Foundation

Silver Patrons

  • Mr and Mrs Ahsani
  • Dr Elisa Astorri
  • Mr Rami Badr
  • Mr and Mrs Bos-Jakobsen
  • Mr and Mrs Christopher Brotchie
  • Mr Simon and Mrs Jenny Cooke
  • Mr Riccardo Dallolio
  • Mr and Mrs William Drake
  • Mr Rupert and Mrs Jennifer Eastwood
  • Mr Martin French
  • Mr Fraser Greenshields
  • Mr Robert and Mrs Sherry Gilson
  • Mr Alexander and Mrs Alexandra Hack
  • Shivani Johnsson
  • Davida and Joseph Knoll
  • Mr and Mrs Charles and Vanessa Langdale
  • Mr and Mrs Alex Large
  • Amelia Liana
  • Mr and Mrs Stephen Massey
  • Mr and Mrs Jon May
  • Mr Daniel and Mrs Kati Mytnik
  • Mr Olivier Osty
  • Mr Ian Oxley
  • The Philips & Rubens Charitable Trust
  • Victoria and Alexander Ponte
  • Mr and Mrs Barath Rajgopaul
  • Mr and Mrs Julian Schild
  • Mr and Mrs Strangemann
  • Mr and Mrs Tim Street
  • Tarncourt Group
  • Mr Harin Thaker
  • The Alexandra and David Tucker Charitable Foundation
  • Mr and Mrs Basil Zirinis

Bronze Patrons

  • Mr and Mrs Christopher Brotchie
  • Mr and Mrs Anthony Frieze
  • Mr Nicholas Hanney and Miss Christine Bos
  • Mr and Mrs Nicholas Hofgren
  • Mr Julian Ings-Chambers
  • Mr Ben Iversen
  • Mr and Mrs Alan Kelsey
  • Miss Kavita Maharaj
  • Mr Antony Milford
  • Mr and Mrs Steven Petrow
  • Mr and Mrs Neh Thaker
  • Mr and Mrs Adrian Weller

Corporate Patrons & Partners

  • AdMacro Ltd
  • Baring Private Equity Asia
  • Black Mountain Partners
  • Brevan Howard Asset Management
  • Crestline Europe, LLP
  • Dalmore Capital
  • John Laing plc
  • Justerini & Brooks
  • Landhold Developments
  • London & Capital Foundation
  • M7 Real Estate Ltd
  • Orion Capital Managers
  • Patron Capital
  • Peel Hunt LLP
  • Princeton Investments plc
  • RKH Specialty Ltd
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • RSM UK Foundation
  • Savills
  • Siemens plc
  • Travers Smith LLP

Charitable Trusts

  • The Bryan Adams Foundation
  • The Clore Duffield Foundation
  • The Gerald and Gail Ronson Family Foundation
  • The Godolphin & Latymer School
  • Hasdei Avot Charitable Trust
  • The Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust
  • John Laing Charitable Trust
  • The Lujenna Educational Trust
  • The Mercers' Charitable Foundation
  • The Mishon Family Charity
  • Players of The People's Postcode Lottery
  • The Philips Family Charitable Trust
  • The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation
  • The Regatta Foundation
  • The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851
  • The Schroder Foundation
  • The Segelman Trust
  • ShareGift
  • Stanley Foundation
  • The Steel Charitable Trust
  • Wates Family Enterprise Trust
  • The 3 T's Charitable Trust