"I was blown away by the quality and wealth of support"

Modern Languages delegate, Subject Enrichment Residential 2018

"I came to the PTI residential expecting to take part in some good CPD. I hoped I might come back with a couple of good ideas. How wrong I was.

Instead, I was blown away by the quality and wealth of support on offer to me. I was challenged (boy, was I challenged), I was enthused, I was inspired to absolutely go back to brass tacks and remember why I became a teacher.

"I started thinking about what I could do rather than what I couldn't"

I have to admit that I sat for a while thinking “yeah well, this doesn’t apply to me. I teach in a highly deprived area in one of the most deprived boroughs of London. We have huge numbers of EAL students who speak no English and vast swathes of children who are under our Pupil Premium measure. Even the ones who aren’t have no cultural literacy. So this isn’t really for me. And I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been teaching 20 years.”

And then I stopped. I thought. And I realised that, actually, the lectures I was in, the information I was being given, the networks I was making, were just as valid for me as they were to my neighbour from a grammar school. Or the chap from Manchester. Or anywhere worse for that matter. I realised that I could take what I was being told, what I was being given and I could transpose it onto my setting. I realised that no two schools are the same and that, of course, you have to make it work for you. I stopped allowing myself the “luxury of picking and choosing what applied.” I started to think about what I could do, rather than what I couldn’t. And, as saccharine as it sounds, it truly was an epiphany.

"I've come back to school renewed and reinvigorated"

So I’ve come back to school renewed and reinvigorated, which is what your aims are. I’ve come back ready for the challenge. I’ve come back to create the challenge and set the agenda. I’ve come back to dream the impossible. And then to make it happen.

So thank you, PTI. I don’t think I’m going to get it right straight away. I’m sure many mistakes will be made. But I’m going to have a damn good go trying."

"What the PTI does is strengthen your capacity as a leader"

Ian Doswell, Headteacher and member of the Primary Leadership Programme

"Many of our students come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds, with 16.3% of our pupils across the school receiving free school meals. We are all too aware of the link between disadvantaged children and poor educational attainment, and we are also aware that education can unlock unrealised potential for disadvantaged students and create alternative possibilities for them, a vision shared by the PTI.

As a direct result of our PTI project, we have seen concrete progress in our pupils’ work. Pupils’ enjoyment of writing has improved, as well as their stamina. We now regularly witness children writing quality work at length, which had previously been an issue.

"education can unlock unrealised potential for disadvantaged students"

Most successfully, the quality of teaching and learning in writing improved from 64% to 82% across the school.

What the PTI does is strengthen your capacity as a leader. It has shown me that it is okay to identify that one person who is really good at teaching writing, a teacher who can then share their knowledge across the school.’"