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  • "The PTI has enabled staff to access quality speakers which has revitalised them and therefore the pupils. It has helped me to develop the school to come together as a team with a shared vision to ensure that our pupils together with our staff learn to be the best that we can be . Thank you! "

    School Leadership Programme member


  • "The PTI has raised aspirations for all teachers and has realigned staff with the passion required to make a difference to students lives."

    School Leadership Programme Member


  • "It was enormously beneficial for me to talk to experienced heads about a range of issues from building strong teams to improving teaching and learning to embedding successfully culture and ethos."

    Clare Wagner – Headmistress, Watford Grammar School for Girls

    Leadership Residential 2017

  • "The conference has given me the thinking space I needed to reflect on our current practice and realign our actions with my vision for our future."

    Marie Sweetlove - Guardian Principal, Bradfields Academy

    Leadership Residential 2017

  • "As a new Principal who is new to the PTI, I have been inspired, not only by the guest speakers but also by the enthusiasm and passion of leaders to see their projects through."

    Jan Atkinson

    Headteacher, Shooters Hill Sixth Form College - 2017

  • "The chance to hear about how a very diverse group of schools is grappling with broadly similar issues in developing learning is golden. We've used the project to further develop learning of staff, from which the students have benefited enormously."

    Nick Heppel, Assistant Headteacher, King Edward VI Handsworth School

    Schools Leadership Programme member

  • "This is my first year but I feel completely inspired! I particularly enjoyed meeting so many women leaders."

    Jen Pardoe

    Assistant Headteacher, Lancaster Girls' Grammar School - 2017

  • "The conference had practical, relevant content that enthuses me to think about my own working practices. It also provided real food for thought and clear thinking space."

    Rob McAuliffe - College Principal, Christ The King Sixth Form College

    Leadership Residential 2016

  • "Our project has remanded in that teaching and learning are at the heart of everything that we do. Excellent leadership enables us to remind staff about this every day."

    Andrea Gaunt, Deputy Head, Upton Hall School FCJ

    SLP One year on day - February 2016

  • "The benefits of these two days will be reaped over the coming months as ideas and reflections can be introduced and embedded into my school."

    Deborah Stanley, Headteacher, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

    Headteachers Residential - January 2016

  • "The conference had practical, relevant content that enthuses me to think about my own working practices. However, it also provided real food for thought and clear thinking space. Really helpful."

    Rob McAuliffe, College Principal, Christ The King Sixth Form College

    Headteachers Residential - January 2016

  • "The most valuable aspect was sharing experiences and strategies with fellow heads/ school leaders who are not geographically near so no need to be guarded."

    Andy Baker

    Poole Grammer School

  • "It has helped to give focus and rigour to plans I have already begun to shape."

    Mandy Watts

    The Henrietta Barnett School

  • "The most attractive features of the Schools Leadership Programme are the opportunity to network with other schools who share a vision for excellence. The desire to keep a passion for the subject as well as a passion for the pupils at the centre of the education world in England."

    Schools Leadership Programme member

    January 2015

  • "Learning so much from colleagues in completely different school settings and communities. Inspiring!"

    Maria French

    Chelmsford County High School for Girls

  • "The Schools Leadership Programme provides the opportunity to meet like minded leaders, share experiences/network, go back to love of subjects for its sake, access to excellent materials and resources."

    Carol Kitson

    Abbey Grange Academy

  • "The conference provided an opportunity for reflection. Much needed after a busy autumn term."

    Michelle Marr

    Caludon Castle School

  • "As a new head, the conference has reinforced my vision and supported my leadership direction. As a result, this will have lasting effect on my school."

    Mark Sturgeon

    Aylesbury Grammar School