How do I fundraise?

We ask that you set up a JustGiving page to accept donations from friends and family. This will allow all income then to be transferred directly to us at the PTI.

Where can I get a sponsorship form?

It’s possible to download one here. We can of course post one out to you if this is an issue: please just contact

How will the PTI use the funds I have raised?

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Can I take cash donations?

Yes it’s possible to donate to the charity on our page here.

Please do read the full list on how the PTI can accept offline donations.

Can I meet other people taking part?

Yes: we have set up a Strava Group so that you can see everyone who is currently taking part in this challenge!

How do I go about tracking my steps and is it possible to link to my phone or fitness application?

There is no strict rule on how you track your steps as it’s completely up to each individual. We have given a number of ways you can do this by using your phone or various applications:

Strava: JustGiving allows you to link your  Strava account to your fundraising page where you can share your progress with all your supporters

How do I connect my Fundraising Page to Strava?

  • Log in to your JustGiving account and view the Fundraising Page you wish to connect with. Scroll down slightly on your Fundraising Page and select the “Connect Strava” button.
  • You’ll then need to log in to or register with Strava (it's free!). We also do not charge anything to use this functionality.
  • Finally, confirm some Strava permissions and select and save your fitness settings/preferences.

Can I connect multiple pages to Strava?

Yes you can connect multiple pages within one JustGiving account. The first page you connect, you’ll be asked to log in to Strava and confirm some permission settings. For any subsequent page you connect, you will bypass this step and go straight to the pages' fitness settings, for you to set specific preferences for that fundraising page.

If you instead want to use your Fitbit, you can then link your Fitbit to Strava, and then connect Strava to your JustGiving page. Find out how to link Fitbit to Strava here, then how to connect Strava to JustGiving here.

If you don't use Strava, you can find the “Add Manual Data” option in the Fitness Activity box, under the Connect with Strava button. You will then be able to manually add your activities to keep everyone updated on your progress and track your total activity.

SeeJustGiving's help pages here if you're having a problem connecting.