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Testimonials from CPD Subject Days attendees

  • "I always feel deeply connected to my passion of art and purpose of teaching after attending these events. "

    CPD Art participant


  • "Both speakers were fantastic - I feel freshly enthused and inspired about teaching this important topic. I have also come away with much more in the way of resources and ideas for how to teach the material. "

    Ian Haworth, Shrewsbury School

    Mao's China - Spring 2017

  • "Howard Goodall's speech was captivating, informative and challenging and Dr Miguel Mera's lecture has given me ideas and new approaches. There were lots of musical examples that I can use in my teaching."

    Matt Burke, Cardinal Newman Catholic School

    Composition through the key stages - Autumn 2016

  • "It was a really useful day that has given me new ideas about how to approach many different texts. It's made me very excited to start teaching the 19th century novel next term! "

    Erika Ott, Whitefield School

    19th-century novels for 21st-century students - Autumn 2016

  • "How fantastic to hear from such wonderful speakers on two complimentary but very different topics. It has made me excited to go away and teach civil rights."

    Anna Webster, Samuel Ward Academy

    Civil Rights - Autumn 2015

  • "Speakers were brilliant. So refreshing to immerse myself in the History again, not just in ways to teach it. Challenging and inspiring. I want to go home and re-plan all my lessons!"

    Hannah Goatly, St George's School

    Civil Rights - Autumn 2015

  • "Really helpful and interactive sessions. I will endeavour to implement all that was spoken about in my practice."

    Marwa Nour, Kensington Aldridge Academy

    The power of problem solving - Autumn 2015

  • "Lots of great ideas to take back to the classroom delivered with great energy"

    Charlie Ralphs, Gordon's School

    The power of problem solving - Autumn 2015

  • "Erudite and fascinating insights into the play gained from the lecturers. Enjoyed the opportunity to meet with like minded, passionate and professional teachers to share a wealth of ideas"

    Janet Bradley, The Billericay School

    The play’s the thing: Whole text teaching of Shakespeare - Autumn 2015

  • "The content of the day fitted together and collectively formed a rich range of ideas, new and deeper learning and classroom activities. Both lectures were engaging, they offered new perspectives on well-used texts and will, no doubt, re-invigorate my teaching. Teacher led workshop was practical and useful."

    Alice Bowen, St Peter's Catholic Comprehensive School

    The play’s the thing: Whole text teaching of Shakespeare - Autumn 2015

  • "Very interesting speakers with great knowledge and ideas that opened up new avenues and areas of discussion for myself and further teaching."

    Adam Parker, St Angela's Ursuline School

    The play’s the thing: Whole text teaching of Shakespeare - Autumn 2015

  • "All speakers were clean and engaging. Everything about today was really accessible. A great course, thank you."

    Fiona Samuel, Ivybridge Community College

    The play’s the thing: Whole text teaching of Shakespeare - Autumn 2015

  • "The speakers were very interesting. They made a real effort to enthuse and introduce us to the topic to a great degree of detail. A very well worthwhile day!"

    Fiona Vesey, Rainham Mark Grammar School

    Why does a battery go flat? - Autumn 2015

  • "Very inspiring; helped bring the subject to life. I had a lot of unanswered questions about how I could better teach this subject and they have now been addressed."

    Susannah Butterworth, Queen Elizabeth's School

    Why does a battery go flat? - Autumn 2015

  • "Will definitely be using some of the ideas and activities in the classroom, and be sharing them with my colleagues (12 in the team)"

    CPD attendee - Mathematical bonds

    Summer 2013

  • "It is a privilege to have access to such well qualified and expert speakers - the high calibre of speakers sets the PTI events apart from other courses"

    CPD attendee - Supremacy and sacred Monarchy

    March 2015

  • "A very useful day. I’m coming away with useful ideas and new knowledge of Spanish Culture."

    CPD attendee: Spain past and present

    Spring 2014

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the range of activities and feel I have learned lots. Thank you."

    CPD attendee - Spain past and present

    Spring 2014

  • "Very useful and enjoyable. Presenters very high quality and well informed- a real pleasure and passed very quickly. I rarely leave without a sense Of cynicism about a course, but today I will."

    CPD attendee - German Culture and the Classroom

    Summer 2012

  • "The sessions were very interesting and informative, and will surely help to bring elements of ‘fun’ into the classroom."

    CPD attendee - German Hip-hop, Literature & Film

    Summer 2014

  • "Physics is my weakness – I now feel confident to teach the Energy topic now so thank you."

    CPD attendee - How Science Works: Energy

    Autumn 2008

  • "An excellent day – thank you. A great mix of meet the experts and teaching methodology as always."

    CPD attendee - How Science Works: Energy

    Autumn 2008