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  • The Bernice McCabe Award

    The PTI’s Bernice McCabe Award promotes and celebrates excellence in subject leadership, recognising departments that put quality subject teaching at the heart of the classroom. The £5000 prize and trophy is awarded annually to an exceptional department which demonstrates the ethos and values of the PTI through their work within and beyond the curriculum. Bernice McCabe OBE, who sadly passed away in February 2019, was the founding Co-Director of the PTI and believed in the transformative power of inspiring subject teaching. The Bernice McCabe Award is awarded annually to a practising subject leader in a PTI member department.

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  • The Martin Roberts Prize

    The late Martin Roberts was a founding member of the Academic Steering Group of the Prince of Wales Education Summer Schools in 2002, continuing on that group with the establishment of the PTI until 2016. He was instrumental in the establishment of The PTI’s New Teacher Subject Days courses. In 2022, in his memory, the PTI established Martin Roberts Prizes to celebrate the best new teaching resources created by course participants at New Teacher Subject Days.

  • Past initiative - College of Teaching

    Unlike other professions, teaching has no professional body to define and uphold high standards. Such a body would allow teachers to define the standards of professional practice, set their own professional expectations and ensure that practice is grounded in the best up-to-date evidence. Since the idea of a new College of Teaching was first broached at the 2012 Headteachers' Residential, the PTI has led the education community to establish a new member-driven professional body for teachers.

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  • Past initiative - The Siemens Curiosity Project

    The Siemens Curiosity Project is a three-year engagement programme by Siemens, broadening their existing investment to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to life in the UK. The Curiosity Project supports the upcoming PTI Residential for Mathematics and Science in November 2016.

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