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We are excited to share the PTI’s bank of online video talks.

Browse our selection of lectures from esteemed speakers which provide cutting edge subject knowledge for teachers across a range of subjects. We hope you find them as fascinating as we do!

  • We currently have lectures for English, Maths, Geography & Science teachers
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This talk is aimed at Geography teachers

Adventurer | Author | TV Presenter - In conversation with Simon Reeve

The PTI are delighted to have hosted an In conversation with Q&A session with adventurer, New York Times bestselling author and TV presenter Simon Reeve. Consider how adventure travel can spark a love of subject in your Geography classroom.

  • Hear from an inspiring speaker who has gone on extraordinary journeys to more than 130 countries
  • Most of Simon’s documentaries combine travel and adventure with global environmental, wildlife, and conservation issues.
  • Simon’s adventures are shown in more than 60 countries, enthralling tens of millions of viewers.

This talk is aimed at Geography teachers

Prof Iain Stewart - Unnatural Disasters: Geographical case studies in hazard, risk and calamity

Iain is Professor of Geoscience Communication at the University of Plymouth, and Director of its Sustainable Earth Institute

  • Iain has worked with BBC Science for 15 years making documentaries about the planet and is perhaps best known for the geography series Earth: The Power of the Planet.
  • He is honorary president of the Geographical Association and Scottish Association of Geography Teachers
  • His current research interests are in natural hazards, geo-resources and sustainable development

This talk is aimed at Science teachers

Dr Giles Yeo - Are your genes to blame when your jeans don’t fit?

Giles Yeo is a geneticist with nearly 20 years’ experience studying obesity and the brain control of food intake. He obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge in1998 and has been there ever since.

  • Giles presents science documentaries for the BBC
  • This includes the critically acclaimed investigative piece, ‘Clean eating – The dirty truth’
  • He also appeared as a doctor on BBC2’s ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’

This talk is aimed at Science teachers

Mr Francis Wells - The heart of Leonardo

A whirlwind tour of Leonardo da Vinci’s incredible talents as a scientist, anatomist, artist and mathematician, from Mr Francis Wells, consultant heart surgeon at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. Recorded at The Royal Institution of Great Britain in 2012.

  • Leonardo’s sketches of human anatomy for exceed the quality of anything in existence at the time, and 500 years on, remain superior to modern day text books.
  • His incredible ability to see, describe and sketch human organs led him to explain phenomena such as fluid dynamics and atherosclerosis, hundreds of years ahead of our modern understanding.

This talk is aimed at Maths teachers

Dr James Grime - Bits and pieces: secrets of a digital world

James Grime is a mathematician with a personal passion for Maths communication and the promotion of mathematics in schools. He can be mostly found doing exactly that, either touring the world giving public talks, or on YouTube.

  • James has over 200k subscribers on YouTube

This talk is aimed at Maths teachers

Dr Tom Crawford - How to make everything about Maths

Tom Crawford is a tutor at the University of Oxford with a passion for Maths communication. Whether it’s explaining the Maths of Pokémon or telling you the fun facts about numbers that you didn’t realise you’ve secretly always wanted to know, his mission is to make everyone love Maths as much as he does!

  • Tom has a series called 'Funbers' on BBC radio
  • See Tom on YouTube @tomrocksmaths

This talk is for Geography teachers

Dr Robert Mulvaney OBE - Frozen in time: The archive of past climate and atmospheric change

Robert Mulvaney is the Science Leader of the Ice Dynamics and Palaeoclimate team at British Antarctic Survey. He leads a group of scientists seeking to understand how the climate has evolved over thousands of years.

  • As a chemist and palaeoclimatologist, Robert specialises in drilling deep ice cores for analysis
  • He has more than 25 seasons’ experience working in remote field camps in Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic

This talk is for Geography teachers

Dr Iris Möller - Living on the edge

Iris Möller received her PhD in Geography 1997, for a doctoral dissertation on ‘Wave attenuation over saltmarsh surfaces’ at the University of Cambridge. Since 2014, she has held a University Lectureship in Physical Geography, alongside her role as Deputy Director of the Cambridge Coastal Research Unit.

  • Iris passionately believes that Geography has a key role to play in allowing human society to deal with 21st Century challenges
  • She has over 40 peer-reviewed publications in international journals

This talk is for Geography teachers

Professor Alastair Bonnett - Geography’s futures: The world discipline in a changing world

Alastair Bonnett is Professor of Social Geography at Newcastle University. Amongst his recent books are ‘What is Geography?’, ‘Off the Map’, ‘Beyond the Map’, and a world atlas titled ‘New Views’.

  • Alastair was editor of the avant-garde, psychogeographical, magazine 'Transgressions: A Journal of Urban Exploration between 1994-2000'.
  • He has also contributed to history and current affairs magazines on a wide variety of topics, such as world population and radical nostalgia.

This talk is for Geography teachers

Dr Bhaskar Vira - Is demography destiny?

Bhaskar Vira is Professor of Political Economy, at the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of Fitzwilliam College. Bhaskar’s research focuses on the changing political economy of environment and development, especially in South Asia; with a particular interest in the political ecology of forests, water, food, wildlife and landuse change and the social and political context for biodiversity conservation.

  • Bhaskar is the Founding Director of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute.

This talk is for English teachers

Dr Raphael Lyne - Discovering the wandering mind in Macbeth

Raphael Lyne is a Reader in Renaissance Literature in the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of Murray Edwards College.

  • Raphael is the author of four books, and the editor (with Cathy Shrank) of The Complete Poems of Shakespeare (Routledge, 2017)
  • He also writes a blog called 'What Literature Knows About Your Brain'

This talk is for English teachers

Dr Corinna Russell - Discoveries in teaching-led research: Diversifying the long eighteenth century

Corinna Russell studied for her BA at New Hall, Cambridge, and for her PhD, on genre and ‘the ethics of response’ in Romantic Period literature, at Jesus College, Cambridge. She spent two years lecturing at Liverpool University before joining the Fellowship at Emmanuel.

  • Dr Russell's research interests and teaching in the English Tripos are primarily in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century
  • She is the co-convenor, with Dr Gavin Alexander, of the Cambridge Interdisciplinary Song Seminar.