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  • "Thank you for making me feel like a professional. Thank you for making me feel valued. Thank you for giving me the time to reflect, and to remind me why I teach. Why I came into this profession in the first place, why I love my job, why I was ambitious as an NAT and why I want to teach the musicians of the future. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and inspired. I feel that if we have things to whinge about, then that is okay, but the PTI course has made me prepared to say, well that’s OK, but what are we going to do about it. Thank you for reigniting my passion to teach music. "

    Subject Leadership Programme member


  • "The [Subject Enrichment Residential] has allowed me to rediscover my love of my subject and my own love of learning. It is through this new found passion for the subject that I will be my refocusing on teaching it to the best of my ability. The course has reminded me of the power and the importance of English to change lives of the pupils, support them in times of trouble and guide them towards the successes they deserve. "

    Subject Leadership Programme member


  • "[The PTI] inspires me as a learner to go back to the classroom and inspire my learners. "

    Subject Leadership Programme member


  • "It’s nice to think about my subject as part of my role rather than just data, pedagogy, texts. It gives me the opportunity to draw threads through what I’m doing. "

    Subject Leadership Programme member


  • "[The PTI] offers unique CPD which is of unrivalled quality. The principles behind the PTI and the enthusiasm of its staff really help to re-engage teachers."

    Subject Leadership Programme member


  • "I always leave SP days feeling a massive boost in my attitude to teaching my subject."

    Carmel Cadden

    Latin, Stewards Academy - 2017

  • "It was really lovely to listen to a lecture about something so different; it is not something I often get the time or opportunity to hear about and I really appreciated it."

    Schools Programme Day attendee


  • "We always strive to improve, and the PTI is an excellent vehicle for driving this forward in a way which is controlled, sustainable, and achievable."

    Subject Leadership Programme Member


  • "Essential periods of reflection are afforded by being a member of the PTI and this is so integral to the continued well-being of teachers."

    Laurence Procter

    History, Monk’s Walk School - 2017

  • "It is very important to my department to belong to the PTI. It supports us and upholds our beliefs in what it means to be teachers."

    Karen Mallace-Goulbourne

    English, Poole Grammar School - 2017

  • "Excellent guest speaker - fascinating topic and a range of strategies to take back to school."

    Emma Wardle - Art, Northumberland CofE Academy

    Schools Programme Day - Cheshire 2016

  • "Fabulous to be treated like a professional."

    Mark Cotter, Head of Faculty, Sprowston Community High School

    English Autumn Residential - 2015

  • "A wonderful array of speakers and discussions that explored the breadth of my subject."

    Andrew Featon, Head of Art, King Edward VI Five Ways School

    Art Autumn Residential - 2015

  • "A time to reflect on teaching and reconnect with my subject, feeling respected and valued as a teacher."

    Claire Joseph, Head of English department, Loreto College

    English Autumn Residential - 2015

  • "Networking with fellow subject professionals is invigorating. I came away from the PTI course feeling encouraged, more focused, and with loads of new resources to share with my department/students."

    James Instone, Head of Music department, Avonbourne School

    Music Autumn Residential - 2015