The challenge | Feedback from pupils and teachers highlighted a need for greater clarity about what the school was trying to achieve in terms of the articulation of its core values.

The method |

  • Values were agreed following a consultation with all stakeholders in the MAT: Participation, Endeavour, Aspiration, Creativity, Respect
  • A range of professional learning situations were delivered to develop teachers’ understanding of the values and changes to practice/expectations
  • Students were engaged through bespoke planners and exercise books and a change in the rewards system to reflect the values - e.g. ‘Star Student’ displays in each faculty area with photos of pupils who have exemplified each value
  • A new Readiness to Learn policy was developed and clear guidelines produced for students
  • An Aspiration Champion was appointed to promote engagement with opportunities that extend learning, promote access to higher education and run enrichment programmes
  • Regular monitoring of house points, certificates and badges for each value to evaluate the extent to which pupils are engaging with these key areas
  • Regular activities were planned for pupils to demonstrate the values through community involvement
  • A Creativity Champion was appointed to promote creativity and the arts across the school and the trust

THE IMPACT | The clarification and promotion of the school’s values has created a more informed and positive perception of the school’s vision of what constitutes a good education. Feedback has been very encouraging and discussions about school values have been enriched through a shared vocabulary. Many school improvement initiatives are now framed around the school values, which helps to provide cohesion and continuity in terms of how they are presented, and implementation is made easier as they are seen to be adding to an existing values framework.

Contact | Jeremy Scott