The challenge | OPGS was rated ‘Outstanding’ but subsequently the results had dropped in English and up-take at A Level decreased. In the most recent OFSTED in 2019 the school was rated as ‘Good’.

Develop a challenging, innovative and enriching curriculum

Students have a dedicated ‘literacy lesson’ where purposeful reading activities are encouraged to help bridge the gap between reading and writing. They are taught a nineteenth century novel prior to GCSE, as well as a different Shakespeare play for every year.

Enthuse pupils through subject-based activities beyond the curriculum

Contemporary connections are made between set texts and societal issues, so students become passionate about the key themes, big ideas and characters created as a mouthpiece for something more symbolic. For example, when studying An Inspector Calls, attention is drawn to the similarities to modern day political speeches and movements.

Enrich the subject knowledge and impact of all teachers within the department

A new Year 9 curriculum was devised, removing the GCSE texts and allowing for more freedom and creativity. For example, one 6 week SoW explores ‘Writing to Present a Viewpoint’ and looks at sports journalism, political speeches and environmental issues in news reports. Students analyse texts such as David Attenborough’s address at the UN Climate Conference in 2019, and go on to write their own by applying the same techniques.

Encourage links within and beyond school, including universities and professional bodies

Students entered a national poetry competition in order to write creatively about genocide, discrimination and the importance of remembering. They were pushed to use the grammatical and structural features of poetry to get their message across in a meaningful way. Oakwood Park won the School Prize, joint Second and Third Prize and 2 x Highly Commended prizes.

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