The challenge | Students could choose only 3 A Level subjects and the higher ability students often chose STEM subjects.

The method | To increase attainment in all years and to raise the take up of Geography at A level:

  • Schemes of work were updated to include contemporary and more challenging topics
  • Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT) and mastery techniques were used to address misconceptions
  • Geography club debated topics such as the Windrush generation, Fairtrade and WaterAid
  • More challenging material was made available for G&T students from e.g. New Scientist and The Economist
  • Cross-curricular links were made with the Maths department and statistical techniques were used

The impact | Out of 180 students, 140 Year 8s chose to study Geography at GCSE Level. Student uptake at A Level is good with 41 students in Year 13 and 35 students in Year 12. Overall, staff and students feel positive about using DIRT and mastery strategies and see the benefit of using them.

Contact | Keeley Dean