The challenge | To improve the motivation and attainment of underachieving boys using Science activities as this was a school priority.

The method

  • A small group of eight boys were selected to join an intervention group in preparation for their December mocks
  • The selected students worked with some of the most able students to expose them to the attitude and routines of those attaining at a 7+ level
  • A weekly open program of revision sessions was run by the department
  • Department based training for staff on teaching and learning strategies was undertaken
  • Resources were shared and discussed in an attempt to freshen up the curriculum e.g. competitive learning games and tasks that linked to sport were used to engage boys

The impact | Students who had a knowledge gap appreciated the subject in a new manner when their understanding was improved. Students commented on the ability to link two subjects within Science and ‘how it made sense’ or they were not lost in lessons. Whilst no student in the cohort was secure in the 7-9 category, students gained satisfaction and improved engagement when they could feel progress being made. Statistically most (6 out of 8) made progress between Year 10 and Year 11 mock examinations.

Contact | Tim Albone