The challenge | School budget cuts meant that the department could no longer offer subsidised trips to a community in challenging social conditions. Many creative opportunities within the curriculum had already been implemented but extra-curricular opportunities were lacking.

Develop a challenging, innovative and enriching curriculum

A three-tier Key Stage 3 curriculum was introduced to enrich and challenge across the ability range. For example, core texts in the ‘war and persecution’ topic are The Crucible, Heroes or The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas depending on whether a student is on the green, blue or yellow pathway. Much better engagement was achieved with this new system.

Enthuse pupils through subject-based activities beyond the curriculum

Free opportunities were sought out and students visited local museums, cinemas and theatres to enhance their learning and develop their passion for English. They also experienced talks from illustrators and authors, motivational speakers and performance poets.

Enrich the subject knowledge and impact of all teachers within the department

More time to collaborate and share expertise was prioritised. The team were encouraged to share good practise in faculty meetings which has had really positive feedback.

Encourage links within and beyond school, including universities and professional bodies

LiveTheatre worked with groups of students to develop their passion for story-telling, and LoveFilm provided the school with a range of resources and opportunities. Students entered YoungWriters competitions and three students were chosen to be published.

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