The challenge | To use ICCAMS (Increasing Confidence and Competence in Algebraic and Multiplicative Reasoning) to develop students’ mathematical skills.

The method | Two teachers attended professional development days (10 days spread across the project) to learn about the ICCAMS materials. The strength of the materials was in seeing the conceptual links between the lessons and the wider curriculum. Cascade sessions were delivered during departmental meetings. The teachers reported improved engagement from students and students found the lessons challenging yet accessible. Lessons were fully embedded into the Year 7 & 8 Schemes of Work.

The impact | Year 8 questionnaire results predominantly showed that students felt that ICCAMS lessons made them think, were different from their usual lessons and that generally they learnt from the lessons. Students agreed that they like to discuss ideas and to be challenged; areas that teachers agreed were a strength of these lessons. A key success came from opening up lessons for colleagues to observe and discuss, so these will be a feature in coming years.

Contact | Jacqueline Mann