The challenge | To impact the progress of lower achieving students and improve their attitude towards Maths.

Develop a challenging, innovative and enriching curriculum

A problem-solving approach was introduced and Diamond 9 classroom rules were created. Lessons became a space to think about mathematics visually and students were taught that thinking deeply is better than speed and making mistakes is important.

Enthuse pupils through subject-based activities beyond the curriculum

Students participated in enrichment events such as ‘maths4real’ theatre trips, The Met Office - ‘maths feast’ competitions and Level 3 encouragement events at Plymouth and Exeter University.

Enrich the subject knowledge and impact of all teachers within the department

The Maths department completed mindset CPD sessions at the beginning of the project alongside a questionnaire at the beginning and end of the programme. Last year, the entire faculty showed a growth mindset in intelligence. Teachers have also engaged in furthering their education at Plymouth University through Master’s and PhD qualifications.

Encourage links within and beyond school, including universities and professional bodies

Developing further links with transition primary schools, Launceston College invited students for problem-solving days to help develop a growth mindset before secondary school. Links have also been made with another school, demonstrating growth mindset with their trainee teacher. This is now being shared in her school.

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