The PTI is committed to the highest standard in fundraising practice. Nevertheless, this policy is in place to allow users to make complaints about our service if this standard is not met.


  • To provide an accessible complaints procedure that is as straightforward as possible
  • To ensure that all complaints are treated both seriously and fairly
  • To deal with all complaints efficiently and in a timely manner
  • To improve our practice where required


  • This policy must be adhered to by all staff, volunteers and secondees at the PTI
  • This policy is applicable to all complaints made by service users, members of the public, staff and volunteers


If you wish to report a complaint, please use one of the following methods. In all instances, please be ready to provide us with as much detail as possible, including your contact details and all applicable documents.

  • Phone - please contact the PTI on 020 3174 3106 where a member of our team will be happy to help. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm. If calling outside working hours, please leave your name and contact number and a member of our team will be in contact the next working day.
  • Email - please email the PTI at mail@ptieducation.org
  • Letter - please write to us at The PTI, 14-15 Lower Grosvenor Place, London SW1W 0EX.


  • While the PTI will treat any information given to us sensitively, we cannot guarantee that your identity will remain confidential as we may need to disclose your identity if required to do so by law.
  • It should also be noted that your identity may be recognisable to others during the investigation due to the nature of the complaint, although we will endeavour to limit the risk of this where possible.


  • We aim to respond to your complaint within 3 working days of receipt. Depending on the nature of said complaint, the complaint will be dealt with by the appropriate department.
  • We aim to resolve all complaints within 10 working days of receipt. Where further action is required, the complainant will be notified.

Appealing a response:

If the complainant feels the response is not sufficient, they can raise these concerns with a Co-Director via email or letter. The Co-Director will aim to respond to your complaint within 10 working days of receiving the appeal. The Co-Director’s response to the appeal will constitute the charity’s final response on the matter.

Further Appeals:

If the complainant feels the response from the Co-Director was insufficient they can complain to the following external authority: