Why Wymondham College was shortlisted for the BMC Award

The History department at Wymondham College reviewed their curriculum to focus on ‘overarching’ and ‘enquiry’ questions and a ‘Story, Source and Scholarship’ approach. Each individual lesson formed an enquiry which fed into the overarching question to be answered at the end of the unit. ‘Meanwhile, Elsewhere…’ activity sheets were developed with a local focus and a focus on exploring aspects of History beyond Europe.

Student views were considered with extensive student voice conducted to gauge their opinions. Noteworthy efforts have been made to decolonise the History curriculum, as well as the development of opportunities for students to engage with Historical scholarship and processes to ensure a sound grasp of the subject. This has been adopted with lessons devised for Y7 students focusing on Historical reconstructions and the job of the historian.

Creation of ‘The Ages’ magazine, a student led publication with a focus on historical scandals was used as a tool for student engagement, publicity, PR and praise. The department also worked with the Museum of East Anglian Life who sought volunteers to digitally catalogue their artefacts. This provided an opportunity for students to work with a curator to gain practical experience.

Students are also enthused through positive reinforcement and praise. History prizes are awarded annually at Speech day, and 'I Love History' badges have been introduced for students who have produced outstanding work or exceeded expectations. Further opportunities are provided to students through a Genius Hour initiative which allows students to research and present an area of study.

Relationships have been forged with UEA lecturers and made use of resources from the History Association and Learning Scientists. The department worked with sixth form students to develop a ‘Great Women’ exhibition hosted by the College. Work has been done to provide the Historical context to other topics. For example resources were provided to the English department relating to the Titanic to help prepare students for their study of An Inspector Calls.