Why St Edward's College was shortlisted for the BMC Award

The departmental vision was to ensure curriculum was at the core of all learning experiences, deliberately designed to cultivate Geographers who are resilient citizens, thinking globally, acting locally and living sustainably operating as role models for society.

The Geography department promote ‘Everyday Geographies’. Teachers are encouraged to challenge mainstream schemes of learning, take risks and develop learning experiences which are innovative and exciting for students. This has led to the development of ‘Soccernomics’, a year 8 unit of study addressing social inequalities and economic change facilitated through football. Thinking outside the box led to mass student ‘buy in’, increasing engagement and improving outcomes. Geography is now one of the school’s most popular GCSE option subjects. The department was invited to share best practice with colleagues across the country at the annual Geographical Association’s conference where they delivered a lecture discussing this innovative unit of study.

Extra-curricular Geology Club enhances understanding of challenging physical Geography concepts. A-level students operate as role models driving GCSE students’ engagement and ambition. The success of this project has precipitated the inaugural year of GCSE Geology at St Edward’s College.

The SEC Geography Department assisted in the construction of ‘Teaching Geography’, a third year undergraduate module at the University of Liverpool. One of the team is an honorary lecturer at the University of Liverpool and delivers 10 lectures to the next generation of Geography teachers. Teaching Geography undergraduates have delivered A-Level masterclasses to A-Level Geographers at St Edwards College.