MFL - Leeds West Academy 

The MFL department have implemented a Half-Termly Curriculum team meeting where the previous Half Term schemes of learning and curriculum map is looked at by every member of staff and notes are made to edit accordingly. The department's schemes of learning were diversified thanks to the PTI course on decolonization. The curriculum now includes resources that speak of Latin America as well as Spain as an example of Spanish. 

During open evenings, students are given the chance to visit the Spanish classroom and also play matching animals and colours. This is also a showcase of the work of students at Leeds West Academy to the parents of different feed primaries in the area.

The MFL department would love to provide the staff body with training so the languages offered to students are more diverse and KS3 students have the options available for them to choose their GCSE options. As an extracurricular activity, the MFL department would also like to offer the community a concert of Latin American music by a band named Mestisa. This band offers a wide range of workshops with instruments from Bolivia, Peru and Chile and for students to become familiarised with the rhythms and the Latin American culture above all. The MFL department believe that having students experience real examples of future careers in languages, may prompt them to think about how these may benefit their lives in the future.