Why Challney High School for Boys was shortlisted for the BMC Award

The departmental vision, led by Head of Department Nicola Quick, was to ensure that pupils receive the highest quality teaching experiences through an effectively planned curriculum, focused and targeted teaching and extra-curricular provision.

To ensure the English curriculum was impactful, separate timetabling for Language and Literature was introduced. This ensured deeper mastery in English with both subjects running throughout the year rather than transferring between the two. A split curriculum also allowed staff to better showcase their subject expertise given the extra content covered. A KS3 Golden Curriculum was designed and run by a primary specialist, improving provision for lower ability students.

The creation of a ‘Challney Voice’ oracy group has extended opportunities for pupils with a phenomenal impact. The group took part in Luton-wide debate competitions and attended the Model United Nations conference in London winning an astounding three awards. Cross-curricular links have been made with the History and PE departments, and extracurricular activities such as a poetry flash mob at parents’ evenings have taken place.

Links have been made with the local College and the Head of Faculty for English delivered an A-Level Literature lesson to Y11 which resulted in improvements in grades. Learn to Learn (L2L) sessions were created and delivered on a weekly basis to ensure that staff had time to collaborate and discuss pedagogy. Each week, a member of the team presents a strategy or experience which has shown positive impact on pupils.

The department has been at the heart of the transition project links with Primary feeder schools, including a reading project. This has been extremely valuable, allowing the department to evaluate and adapt the Y7 curriculum to ensure that it is tailored to the new cohort.