Bradfields student passports

Bradfields, located in Chatham, is a state Specialist SEN Academy for boys and girls aged 4 to 19.

During the period 2015-18 Bradfields Academy will be working with The Prince’s Teaching Institute to develop research into successful transition from Year 6 primary to Year 7 secondary provision.

The major piece of work in this project requires a ‘Student Passport’ to be developed and trialed to ensure the fullest exchange of information from the Year 6 primary provision, the child and their parent/carer to their new secondary provision [Bradfields Specialist SEN Academy].

This exchange of information will then be evaluated for content and impact in respect of:

  • Students making a successful transition.
  • Parents/carers having a successful transfer engagement with the new provision.
  • New provision staff being in possession of full detail on their new Year 7 students.
  • Excellent working partnerships and liaisons being furthered between primary and secondary transfer partners.