The PTI recognises its obligations to comply with the law and to carry out its activities in an environmentally sound a manner as possible. This policy is part of our commitment to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment to as low a level as is practically and economically feasible.

Our major direct environmental impacts are:

  • Energy use for Office Activities
  • Transport
  • Material use for Office Activities

This policy will be pursued through:

  • Energy use: Strive to reduce the energy used by the PTI in its office activities
  • Transport: Striving to use public transport for all journeys undertaken on PTI business
  • Material use: Ensuring we make efficient use of resources, striving to reduce our use of materials including paper and stationery

The PTI will make this policy available to all staff.

The PTI will review our progress and annually update our environmental policy and targets in accordance with best practice.


Chris Pope

Position Co-Director

Created 19/11/08